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[…], I have used raw honey and distilled water for little over a week now. I used to put honey I my eyes to help draw out the mucus from when my sinuses would flare up. I’ll try it for a couple of days just to see if my eyes would show any irritation of some sort. I am happy to show you all for the first time, a video from one of our initial trial participants, [His before and after pictures are currently in the photo bank]. ? Honey is not only used for lightening the eye but also to reduce the effect of Keratoconjunctivitis and as an after eye surgery to accelerate the healing process . My mother has hazel green wonderful eyes and my paternal granny had green eyes and my maternal grandfather had li blue eyes. It is also used to treat eye infections, as an antibacterial agent. It is its bleaching ability that makes some people who want to change eye color to speculate using honey eye drops to lighten dark brown eyes and make them lighter. Looking for how to change your eye color? "ANCIENT EGYPTIANS AND INDIANS USED HONEY AS A REMEDY FOR CURE OF EYE DISEASES. My eyes are getting certainly lighter by the weeks. I am a black guy with brown eyes. I am posting now, because so many people have stopped me to ask me … Hi… As stated in the article, using natural raw honey poses a risk or eye irritation and infection. I have dark brown eyes and I want blue ones but the problem is that I don’t know what type of honey to use. Honey has been a popular and essential part of Ayurveda since ages. Ways that promise permanent change risk damage and even loss of eyesight which is never encouraged. Learn how it works, recipes with lemon and cinnamon, before after pictures plus more tips for dark, blonde and brown hair. It actually works! Is it safe if you wear glasses? I guess i’ll try the method cause I really want to make my eye lighter and how long does it takes to completely lighten my eyes. A Not Too Scientific Description of pH Value Eye Drops. It is commonly used as a household ingredient for lightening skin and dark spots. 56. I’m scared but really want 2 try are u sure it’s safe tht it works ? Most honey in stores will usuallly say whether or not it is pure. smh, I’m caucasian & have nearly black eyes somtimes dark brown. Certain cultures have also used honey to treat health conditions of the eye. Eye Color: How it Develops; Why Does it Change? Please someone said something about “Change in the Specs of the Eye, due to this honey use”….. Even if it fails to change your eye colour it’ll definitely improve your eye sights. I have heard of this method, using distilled water and raw, pure, organic honey into an eye drop bottle and doing this three times a day. Anyway i will continue this regime and see if anyone comment and noticing it …. You will see these are in a different style. No, it doesn’t. I have noticed that it has increased my ability to tear. This actually works my eye color was black and now it is light brown??? My advice for those who have a very dark-brown – ( almost black ) eyes is, that You’ll shoud be a little more patient and persistent with lighening – and Your eye color/shade will change with time …. Hello All , i have read alll your comments so far , i am not sure if it changes the color. So, does honey change your eye color permanently? Can you change your eye color without contact or surgery? when honey is mixed with water AND oxygen it produces hydrogen peroxide so when you open your eyes right after putting in the drops, it helps lighten them faster by speeding up the reaction. You will also find useful reviews and answers to common FAQ’s: Before we get at it, it is important to note that the color of your eyes is determined by genes and melanin build up. If you hurt them, how easy do people think it is to get new ones? To naturally lighten hair, mix honey and water then let mixture sit for not more than an hour. I am so scared to try this , even though I have dark brown eyes but I want it lighter…… I am worried that something bad might happen to my eyes.???????????????????????????? It also has given my eyes the sensation you feel when a sore is healing as well. Salman G your eyes are the same size your entire life, right from day one, so in other words, they’ve never “grown” a day in your life. I can’t find pure honey where i live,but by searching i fund out Chamomile tea can lighten eyes too, i just wanted ask if it does work instead of honey? I have hazel green eyes but would love to have more blue in them. I have like super dark brown eyes is it at all possible to get them blue? I just might try this next week when I pop over to the store and buy some honey and distilled water. the one with both eyes is after a month. It’s true, detoxing can actually change the color of your eyes. Honey is just one of the ways of naturally changing the color of your eyes. I Just Started Today So, I’m Not Going To Rush I’m Just Going To Give It About Like 5 days or just 1 whole week to see the results☺???? Try try and have faith it’s works, I have medium colour brown eyes This is my second day using the honey and water (1:5) and all ready I am notice results little bits of green and darker parts of my eyes are lighting up , it worked,. Doctors stand by the fact that there is nothing like eye drops that change color. I’m kind of made all the time at school for it, how do I change it, does anybody know? My eyes like to change colours often, from green, hazel, brown, honey & light yellow. I never intended to post this story. We are now beginning to upload photos from our light eyes study. Now I’m using organic honey but I warm in microwave for fifteen second and wait till warm room temperature. Matthijs your eyes are great! Honey Hair Lightening- How to,Lemon,Cinnamon, Before and After Pictures Trying to lighten or bleach your hair at home with honey? I tried this with Manuka honey from Costco, and turned my dark hazel eyes green after 2 weeks! Is it safe to use honey drops to lighten eyes? I’m thinking about it. It really works my friend is from brasil he got black hair and dark Brown eyes he puts honey with water in his eyes for about 6 months (irregular) and now he has light brown eyes with a green rim. I was dealing with the eye-lightening for about 5 months ago and I have to tell You, that this thing with honey really works! Nineteen patients were treated with 20% honey solution eye … This really works. Extra light amber, what do i do????? I have used the drops several times a day and I swear it has lightened my eyes! After all, they say your eyes are the windows to your soul, and no one wants such an important facial feature looking run down, fatigued and dull. Here is more on how to change your eye color with honey. Its shelf life extends up to thousands of years, making it an essential part of our kitchen.Apart from imparting flavor to food, honey also helps in curing many health ailments. !❤❤, I wanna try this but i am scared ? I wanna make my eyes light brown …. I read it can take about 5 years to see a noticeable difference in extremely dark eyes. Although some people may dilute honey with water to make it less acidic, without the right level of accuracy in measuring the pH can still cause your eyes to sting or become irritated when you put dilute honey water drops in them. Today is an exciting day. One of the simplest procedures when you are determining how to get lighter eyes is by the use of honey. Hi i as wel been using natural honey from my country grenada to lighten my brown eyes,dah thing is rite after the honey is beening harvest from the honey comb its been bottle rite away,so does dat mean its safe to use. After about 6-12 months of using these eye drops, you should notice a drastic difference in your eye color. Does honey really change your eye color? How long does it takes for the eye color to change? Although it may be difficult to permanently change the color of your eyes, it is possible to slightly lighten or temporarily change your eye color. Does It Get Rid of Pimples? Is it Really Possible to Change Eye Color? […], Does toothpaste work for pimples? hell yeah am gonna try it,,starting tomorrow. Thirty six patients (72 eyes) of mean age 44.7 years old were examined; Investigations were carried out before and after the treatment. How to Change Your Eye Color with Honey Wanna check if the honey is pure or not? "Honey can't lighten your eyes sorry"(normally said by people who have no clue about this process, either scientifically or via experience, hey i used to be one of them too). Namely, I used the cooked water – (from the tap) and the home-made raw flower honey. After a bit of research and a week of trying out five different tips and tricks, I’m pleased to say that my experiment worked and my under-eye bags had mostly vanished. i’ve black eyes and i want to change my color like blue. In a contradicting tone, some forum comments on websites such as (see sources at the end) claim that raw honey has been used as an antibacterial for a long time and is safe for putting in the eyes. There are no scientific facts to support these claims. It is something else that is artificially made. Preparation of Eye Drops with Honey for Improving Eyesight: For making eye drops with honey, the freshest form of honey is to be used. What a different I see my eye colors from dark brown to now hazel green.. feel so good I can’t explained. Just be careful and do it right. I researched the information, and just tried it out, and I did not take before and after pictures. ?my goal is green eyes ??? How long will it take, Iam doing it for last 2 days . if my eyes get burned. Your email address will not be published. How long does it take for honey to change your eye color? Sounds interesting. I wants dark blue eyes.. how much quantiyof honey and water I jave to use? The Honey he used is called jarrah Honey. ???????? While it may not sound as pleasant having to swirl oil in your mouth, it way better that teeth whitening bleaches which come with a number of side effects. Greetings to everyone by : Cherry Cola.? Lighten Eye Color: Honey lightens your eye color naturally but not instantly. Your water should be distilled and slightly warm. Most people doubt whether this really works but using the right procedure and ingredients has proven to work for some people. Who changed his eye colour from Dark Brown to Honey. Ummmm will this just make your eye color lighter or will it actually chang the color and how do u know what color it’s going to turn in to and I just started today and im using Sweet Aloha is this ok to use? So far so good. Can you honey change your eye color with honey? Here is more on benefits of coconut oil for teeth whitening and instructions on how to use coconut oil to make your teeth whiter. Salmon Patches: What are Salmon Patches and How Should You Treat Them? Does the it hurt when u put it in ur eyes??? Honey does lighten eye color but doesn’t change brown to blue or any other…eye color is determined by our genes…but for those who have dark brown…honey can lighten them since honey has got some bleaching agents..NOTE..only pure honey and distilled,water can work…two to three drops…change is after 2 weeks for proper use…We were all created beautiful and the eye color you were born with is just perfect…Remember eyes are windows of our Souls. Seems interesting. It is almost impossible to change the original pigment in the iris that determines your eye color because it is genetically determined. had dark brown eyes but now it has totally changed my eye colour. You can also try our cinnamon and honey with conditioner for hair lightening, especially for dark hair and even blonde hair. I just started this less that a week ago, and am seeing some results already. OK ive been using honey boiled with water to lighten my eyes.For about a month. References . It is no surprise how many people have considered changing the color of their eyes using honey but still hold back due to uncertainty about its safety. Eye color change with honey is a temporary method to slightly lighten your eye color a few shades lighter. I have set of eye colour supposably, in fact, my eyes are supposably rare according to my doctor. In the boiling water – ( of 1,5 dcl ) I put 2 to 3 tablespoons of flower honey and I let the water boil. I have something my left eye like a section that is golden, possibly heterochromia, idk. It is important to note that warnings on the use of honey to brighten eye color are quite resounding and should not be ignored. i have light brown eyes want to get them to a haisle is it possible what are the etreme side effects? Honey does work but it takes awhile. I have one light green eye and one light blue eye. Extra light amber, what do i do?????? And my dad has real Natural Honey strait from the bee honey comb, yet I am not sure if it is safe-safe. I will try it but um a little scared ???? Now that we have already laid out all the effective ways to lighten your eyes, you can now start tying the provided steps and see the results for yourself. what will happen? Dilute honey with water before using it to lighten your eyes. Clear Lenses: A Not Too Scientific Description of pH Value Eye Drops. You can’t just take honey from a jar and apply it to your eyes, though. ?, but I’m scared???? The doctors usually will say I have remarkable eyes now hahaha! I am on day 6 and I have to say, I am actually seeing wonderful progress which is important. I’ve been through alot of eye colours, but there wasn’t much to it. These are some of the questions I have been seeing on the use of natural honey. (Please note: Although your eye color choice may be similar, time frames are different for all users, some experience results faster than others) The pH of the human eye is around 7.5 according to Clear Lenses. There are several studies on try and validate the use of 20% honey solution in patients with dry eye syndrome. [easyazon_link identifier=”B015P1HPDS” locale=”US” tag=”skincareorg18-20″]UMF+10 or 15[/easyazon_link] would be okay. Then add 2 teaspoons of the chamomile tea and 1 teaspoon of honey. Using honey and water to lighten eyes also makes it safer and less irritating. this is my first day… we’ll see how it turns out, my names Yvonne i am 17 years old. Before using this natural method make sure that you ready everything about this natural treatment to ensure that you are doing it correctly and will not intentionally cause damage to your eyes. I noticed quite the first results after one week of use. [spoil] I have seen it lighten people with jet-black eyes into a medium brown with golden light-brown specs. after your eye colour lightens, how long does it last? I did everything right but the effect was so painful! How often should i drop in my eyes? Why Eye Color Changing After a Detox. Has anyone ever notice your eye color changes? Is there a way to lighten eye color naturally? if i am going to drop the honey water in my eyes do i still need a luke warm honey water or its just a procedure on how you combine water and honey then wait for the neutral temperature and drop it in your eyes. I’ve been doing it for 2.5 years and am only a shade lighter. But he continues to say that he only recommends this remedy for dry eyes and not to brighten or lighten the color of eyes which he insists is a false claim. Jonah, if i had eyes like you, id die!!! I’ve been trying it out on one eye. […], Shaving or waxing leg hair may be cumbersome with a list of unwanted effects. But very few of us know that there are a number of factors including food and emotions that can change the color of our irises.

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